Blast from the past!

One of the proudest days of my life.  I know purple belts are a dime a dozen now a days, but back in 1998 when I was first introduced to Jiu Jitsu by my good friend Ollan Mcelligot, it was an impossible goal to reach.  Purple belts were instructor status, and the few that were around seem to have these crazy super powers.  I honestly never thought I could reach this level.  My goal was to reach blue belt, and just be able to train.  I never expected this day would ever come.  I owe it all to my Coaches, Steven Roberto and Terence Aflague, and my teamates at Purebred Jiu Jitsu, Guam.  Thank You for the motivation, hard work, and the good times.  I look forward to our journey ahead.

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